Over the years, curly hair has always been seen as a small task to be completed. However, with the right hair products by Beatrice Ohonbamu, the style is just as good as any other hair product. Curly hair is all about embracing curls – long or short, firm or curly; you have to be aware of how to tame them enough to give it style. When it comes to short curly hair, people often tend to go in the opposite direction, mainly out of fear that you won’t be able to style it nicely. Let’s change that mind for you, shall we? These curly hairstyles for short hair are very stylish, and there are many options. Scroll down for inspiration from various women’s short curly hairstyles.

Short Hairstyle #1. Short Curly Bob

If you have a bit longer in your locks and your hair is up to your chin, or above, you can go for a short curly bob. The sharp angle of the bob adds style, so keep your hair clean and blunt at the roots and use healthy hair oil to ensure your curls are firm and tangle-free, especially at the ends.

Short hairstyle #2. Curly hair Fade

These looks range from bold at the crown to neat cuts at the nape of the neck. Curly hair is ideal for various curl patterns but works incredibly well for curvy textures and tight curls like 4C hair that keep their shape at the top. Loose natural curls can fall off and take away the volume that makes curly hairstyles for short hair look fresh.

Short hairstyle #3. curly Lob

It resembles a bob, but this version takes longer than your natural curls. A lob is a more extended version of the bob, starting just below the chin to an inch above the shoulders. The clean lines that make up a bob are also crucial for curly hair, so trim the ends evenly along your head. Complete the roughness of the cut with added shine with Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Hair Shine.

Short haircut #4. curly Pixie

The Pixie is one of the most classic, very short curly hairstyles that can be worn with different textures. Hair is usually trimmed evenly around the head, with no more than two inches of hair visible on all sides. This style is perfect if you want a big cut without a full haircut. Define and shape your curly hair with gel or pomade for best results.

Short hairstyle #5. Waved Edges

Add some highlights to the cropped view by focusing the details on the edges. Use edge control gel and toothbrush to brush baby’s hair forward around your hairline. Twist them into any design you like. Be as creative as you want with this one; There is no right or wrong pattern to take this hair.

Short hairstyle #6. Short curly bangs

Pulling bangs can be difficult for any texture, but if you’re lengthy hairs (about six to eight inches from your head if straight), you can get curly bangs. Trim just below the brow line, or if you’re feeling bold, try micro bangs that go just above the brow line. Keep in mind that your curl pattern will automatically shrink your curls, so don’t cut your bangs too short, to begin with, or you’ll end up with super micro bangs growing out.

Short Hairstyle #7. Tapered Back

Even if you prefer not to completely fade at the back (a gradual effect of the hair-to-scalp transition showing), you can add some form to your curly hairstyles for short hair by tapering at the back. This means that the length of your buzz will be even across the back, but the cut will be narrower from top to bottom – almost diamond-shaped. In contrast, the dangling back keeps the top of the crown low or allows it to grow longer. Use Mimosa Hair Honey to keep your back shiny and slick.

Short hairstyle #8. Angled Bob

This cut is exactly what it sounds like. The remix takes the super sharp line of the classic chin-length bob and angles it, so the front meets the jawbone, and as you move from the front to back, the line angled slightly upward. The angles don’t have to be super dramatic to achieve the effect, and the back usually hits the back of the head directly.

Short hairstyle #9. Flexi Rod Curls

Thanks to the different sizes of rods, you don’t need to be too long to carry this type of protective flexible rod. Get a pack of sticks that are 0.8 cm or 4/5 inches long. Apply leave-in conditioner to damp, towel-dried hair, followed by curling cream. Precise cutting is not required when using flexible rods. Use your fingers to separate 1-5cm sections of hair and wrap them around each stem. Air dry your curly hairstyles for short hair to set it or hang it under the dryer. To avoid tangles, do not tangle until your hair is completely dry.

Short Hairstyle #10. Angled Lob

This slanted style is easier to pull off if you have extra length to play with. It looks the same as an angled bob, with the hair longer in the front and more graded in the back, except the front should be about an inch or two from your chin, and the back should be lower at the nape of your neck.

Short Hairstyle #11. Undercut

Add a bit of edge to your curly hairstyles for short hair by parting your temples on one side. You’ll need longer hair at the top that can hang over the area to be trimmed. It’s almost like a surprise two-in-one style that you won’t know is there unless you lift the hair hanging from your crown, which is perfect for all barrette hairstyles and fun. Keep your scalp hydrated with regular application of Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Castor Oil Scalp and Hair Oil.

Short Hairstyle #12. Space Buns

Instead of the classic topknot, divide the curls into two tall buns. You will need several lengths to make curly hairstyles for short hair, but it is one of the easiest curly hairstyles. Like a messy topknot, this style looks great, even if the curls are a little frizzy. The definition of frizz isn’t required here, but you can add shine to your buns with the Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum.

Short Hairstyle #13. Waved Pixie

One of the best curly hairstyles for short hair is a modern style of finger waves. You don’t need to brush and straighten the curls completely beforehand; You can use Pracaxi Nectar Style & Hold Foam and a rattail comb to create a wavy pattern around your head. Tie your hair under a satin scarf to complete the style.

Short Hairstyle #14. Full Slick Back

The thoroughly slicked back is one of the curly hairstyles for short hair that make a statement. You can do this look with just an inch of hair. Using a boar bristle brush and milk hair conditioner, brush your hair from front to back. Be sure to comb the curls carefully to avoid disturbing your curl pattern. Tie a silk scarf around your head to keep your natural curls low while your style is set.


While short hairstyles can be a little scary, they are pretty fun, and everyone should experiment with short hairstyles at least once in their life. Let this look inspire all the short hairstyles out there – life is too short to play it safe.